We are a company located in the thriving city of Greenville, South Carolina, focused on the needs of the mobility-challenged due to disease, accident, or condition.  We are engaged in the development of products for people, for example, who have survived a stroke, traumatic brain injury,  and spinal injury.  We have a well-educated team with a diverse background that is dedicated to helping those in need and solving real problems.  Keep an eye out for the products that will be coming out of Moterum Technologies soon.  A list of our current products and descriptions is located here. If you have an unmet need our product design team may be able to help you with or would like to talk with us about a potential partnership please fill out the contact form on the Contact us page.


  • Moterum Technologies has licensed technology from the University of South Florida as well as technology which originated from Clemson University Students
  • Moterum Technologies has offices in South Carolina and Florida
  • Moterum Technologies is the beneficiary of multiple National Science Foundation grants to develop its technology
  • Moterum Technologies currently has 4 projects in its pipeline driving towards product launch