The Gait Enhancing Mobile Shoe ( GEMS ) 

The Gait Enhancing Mobility Shoe for stroke rehab

A revolutionary new gait rehabilitation device for stroke patients…



The GEM Shoe is in development stages and will be a low-cost device capable of correcting the gait of individuals who have suffered a stroke. The GEMS have been tested and has demonstrated a significant change in an individual's gait after wearing the shoe for only twenty minutes.

The GEMS are designed for use in the patient's own home and allow for more frequent and efficient rehabilitation session. This leads to faster recovery and more permanent outcome at a lower cost than comparable gait rehabilitation methods.


The Gait Enhancing Mobile Shoe mimics the actions of the split-belt treadmill but can be used during overground walking and in one’s own home, thus enabling long-term training. The GEMS does not require any external power all necessary forces are redirected from the natural forces present during walking. This turns the act of walking into therapy. 

 Since the GEMS is compact and portable it empowers patients to partake in therapy in different environments such as in one's own house and also enables it to be worn for a longer period of time.

The GEMS is regulated with onboard electronics which will grant patients and caretakers the ability to track progress and make changes to the therapy routine remotely. 

If you wish to learn more about the science behind the GEMS please follow the link below. 

Dr. Erin Vasudevan- Stonybrook University, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

"The GEMS is the first device that actually focuses on retraining or treating a stroke patient’s gait problems, rather than just addressing various symptoms of the asymmetrical gait. The stroke patient is actually relearning how to walk within their new neurological state.”  

Current Therapies Are...


  • The GEMS is the only treatment shown to affect Double Limb Support, considered a key part of relearning a normal gait.
  • Step Length symmetry increase 22% - 4 weeks.
  • Gait Velocity increase 21% - 4 weeks.
  • Very expensive and the current best rehabilitation, the CAREN device, is only available at 7 centers in the US.
  • These therapies are not effective as they should be as over 50-60% of stroke survivors have Gait Problem AFTER rehabilitation.

Clinical Trial Success


Patient -7- years post stroke

“I walked into church last week without a cane for the first time [since my stroke].”

Second Round of Trials to Begin Soon...

Watch our video…

Many people who have suffered a stroke or similar nervous system lesion have an impaired gait. Due to partial paralysis, they are unable to walk properly. Elaborate therapeutic devices like a split treadmill have been used to help patients rehabilitate their walking motion. Now, a Physical Therapist and Mechanical Engineer have joined forces with Moterum Technologies to create a Gait Enhancing Mobile Shoe (GEMS).

“I walked into church last week without a cane for the first time [since my stroke].”

“I walked into church last week without a cane for the first time [since my stroke].”