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Have you heard about our successful clinical trial? Our device took one of patient's who was 7 years post-stroke and still walking with a cane, and within four weeks of use, helped her walk into church without the cane, for the first time since her stroke!  We are very excited that across all patients, the device helped patients walk both faster and more symmetrically.  

 We will soon be moving forward with a second clinical trial, focused on testing the device in the home setting, that will bring us even closer to helping the thousands of people in need of our technology! We are honored that you have made it this far in learning about us and would love to interact with you more. If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke and have challenges walking then please take the time to fill out the below contact form. We want to learn more, and we want to help.  Our team will reach out to get to know you better.  




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